Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

There are many terms and conditions of the website https://iccworldcup2019lives.com which you should know before accessing it. This site is maintained as a service to its visitors, who are subject to the following terms and conditions concerned with the usage of the website.


If you are accessing even a single web page of this website, you will be signifying your agreement with all the terms and conditions that the website puts in front of you. In case you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you would not be allowed to access the contents of this site and will be asked to leave this site immediately. All such rules and guidelines that you have to follow and you should know are incorporated into these terms and conditions.

No Offers of Services

Just website no surety that the material on the site is appropriate is available for any particular jurisdiction. It is just the confirmed things or the most possible things, that are in the website. The users who choose to access this site do so at their own risk and if they break some laws and regulations, only they are responsible for it.

The use or misuse of the trademarks or any materials is expressly prohibited and one can get into trouble if they break the rules. You can download and use the pictures from our website but make sure, you give the courtesy. The content that you are writing should mainly be for information purposes and that is how you can about copyright.

If you visit the website, you do not get ownership rights to any content of this site. You just visit it for gaining information and if you try to get into unauthorised use terminating the permission and licence, it shall be termed as a clear and material breach of the terms and conditions.


We, at this website https://iccworldcup2019lives.com, have taken reasonable care to provide to you the most appropriate and best information available. But at the same time, the information might not be accurate in some cases. You should acknowledge what we try to do because nobody can be completely perfect and accurate, always. There are no representations of guarantees that all the materials in the website are true and completely genuine. Many of the things are just predictions of what might happen in the future, but nobody knows, it might not be true as well.

Non Commercial Uses

If you want to view, download or print the contents of this website for absolutely non commercial use, it is allowed. The conditions for the allowance are:

  1. The content may be used only for information and education purposes of your own and should not be used otherwise.
  2. The content should not be modified or altered in any way, that the originality is lost. Keep the content original so that the bus information can be in front of you whether you have downloaded or printed the content.
  3. If you want to use it for any other uses such as uploading it on your website and so on, the permission is needed to be taken by us.
Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer
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