When is ‘Breaking Bad’ coming back? We know it’s coming back, but what does that mean for the rest of the series?

The CW has revealed that “Breaking Bad” will be coming back to TV in 2019, with an unspecified amount of episodes remaining, but not a full season. 

The show has been off the air for nearly six years, since season 2 ended with Walter White being sentenced to death by a jury of his own choosing.

It’s the second time that the series has returned to television, after the second season of “The Walking Dead,” which was a limited series in 2018.

While “Breaking White” was a more-or-less prequel series set five years before the events of the show, and “Breaking Out,” a TV miniseries that followed the series’ final season, it’s unclear if “Breaking Black” will follow in that same vein. 

“Breaking Dead” stars Andrew Lincoln as Walter White, who is put on trial for the murder of the man who killed Jesse Pinkman.

He was convicted and sentenced to execution. 

While the show’s writers have been busy making up for lost time with other projects, including “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Supergirl” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” , the producers are hoping to bring the show back for a second season in 2019. 

“Breaking Bad’s” third season was one of the best of the last two seasons, but it was also a bit of a letdown.

The show’s ratings were below expectations, and the series lost the viewers that were interested in it as a continuation of the original story, rather than an adaptation of the popular series. 

The show’s first season was also the first to feature a recurring villain, Jesse Pinker, played by Aaron Paul. 

Since the show returned to TV, “Breaking Blue” has also returned to AMC.

“Blue Bloods” stars Jesse Pinkter as the titular Blue Bloods sheriff and played by Chris Nothberg. 

It’s unclear how long the series will continue on the air, but we do know that “Blue Blood” is currently in production on a new series called “The Blue Blooded,” which will focus on a young Blue Blood in a different era.


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