When Apple’s iOS 10 gets updated: 10 things you need to know, from its new multitasking capabilities to the new Siri feature

Apple’s mobile operating system 10.1.1 has been rolled out to all iOS devices and should soon be available to all Apple Watch owners.

The update is a huge one, but not without some surprises.

First, though, we have to talk about the new multitask capabilities.

Here’s what you need on your watch when the update rolls out: As with any update, the biggest new feature is a new multitouch support.

It allows you to move your hands in a variety of different ways while watching a video, for example, and also makes it possible to zoom in on an object with the same zoom feature.

The multitouch system is also the main reason for the new app icons.

iOS 10 introduced a new “App icon” that was a mix of icons for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple’s new multitasks system takes the iPad and iPod touches and adds their own icon.

Finally, there’s the new built-in Siri feature.

This allows you with one tap of your wrist to ask Siri about the current time, weather, or any other important information.

So, what does this mean for me?

Apple’s big news with iOS 10 is a major change for Apple Watch users.

iOS is getting a new app launcher and new multitapp support that allows you access to a wider range of features.

Apple also includes the multitasking feature with the update, so if you are a Watch user and haven’t used multitasking on a Mac before, you should consider the new features and take advantage of them.

This is the first major update for iOS 10.

If you’re a Watch owner, you’ll want to start seeing the new apps in the App Store as soon as they’re available.

If the update doesn’t come to your Apple Watch, you can always wait for a later release.

The next big update is due on June 16, so you should expect to see a new version of iOS 10 on your Apple TV soon.


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