How to make the perfect beer with beer blogger Mike Cusack

Mike Cuzack, a blogger who regularly writes about craft beer, has created an interactive app called Beer Lover that allows anyone to write about beer for the purpose of making a beer.

Cuzak says the app will allow anyone to be a beer lover without having to have a beer brewing degree.

“We think it’s going to help us get more people to want to make beer,” Cuzac says.

The app also allows anyone who is interested in learning more about brewing to submit their own recipes to be published on the site. 

The app was recently featured on ESPN and is free to download on iOS and Android devices. 

Mike Cuseck has created Beer Lover to give people the chance to write their own beer recipes. 

Cuzach says the idea came from a few beers, including one that had a very strong citrusy taste.

“One of the beers had a little bit of citrus, so I thought I’d try something with more hops,” he says.

“I started out with hops, and I added some coffee and a little more acidity.

I added something from my own collection, which was a chocolate malt.

I thought it would be pretty tasty, so it was fun to do.”

The app features three levels of complexity.

First is the basic recipe, which is a basic beer recipe with just two ingredients.

Second is the recipe that is more complex, which includes ingredients from a more complex beer.

And third is the version that is based on a beer that has a lot of hop flavor.

Cuseack says the first version of the app is a bit too simple for a beer geek like himself.

“It has a little beer and a bunch of spices and flavors and flavors of the hops and all that stuff.

But if you want to write more complicated recipes, then that’s where it goes.

It’s a lot more fun to write complex recipes,” he said.

The first version, which has three levels, can be downloaded for free on the iOS and Google Play Store. 

The second version, called Brewbook, features more complex recipes that include ingredients from the Beer Lover app, but has more ingredients and has less complexity. 

“Brewbook is actually a combination of two versions,” Cusec says.

It has recipes that are more complex.

“You have the recipes that I wrote that I just took from my beer blog.

That’s what I did.

I just kind of did that,” he explained.

The third version is the most basic, which Cuzch says he made to try to be more approachable.

“So that’s why I made the Brewbook version.

I wanted to be really approachable,” he admitted.

The blog has more than 400 posts, and the app has over 10,000 recipes, according to Cusek. 

He hopes that the app can help brewers who are struggling to make a living as brewers.

“The app’s going into the realm of what beer lovers are used to: You get recipes and you can find out what the beer is,” he noted.

“But it’s also going to give you more access to people who are really passionate about craft brewing.” 

Cuseak is also working on a podcast called Beer Talk Live.

It will cover topics like brewing techniques, recipes, and history.

He said he was trying to make it more accessible to more people, and said the podcast will feature a guest host who can share their expertise with the podcast listeners. 


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