Why do we still love the WFIE?

On Thursday, the WFLI will air the first episode of the second season of its hit sitcom “Kait8 Live.”

The show stars Kaitlyn Bristowe, a former model and the wife of a former NBA player, as a college student who falls in love with a new college roommate.

She also discovers a secret and falls in with the wrong crowd.

The show is a huge hit with young viewers, and it has become the WNBA’s highest-rated program ever, averaging nearly 6 million viewers.

In February, the network announced that the show would be re-aired in 2017.

The new season of the show is slated to air on Sunday, May 23 at 11:30 p.m.


Watch the full episode above, then make your choices for what you think will be the season’s biggest stars.

The WFLi, which airs from 8 p.meters at the Wrigley Field in Chicago, has been renewed for a fifth season.

Here’s a breakdown of who will be returning for the new season.

WFLN, which has been on hiatus for six seasons, will be back for its sixth season. 

WFLI, which aired from 6:30-9 p.mm., will be airing its sixth series this season.

The sitcom’s first season, which ran from 2015 to 2017, was a smash hit with viewers.

The series brought in more than 100 million viewers and featured Kaityra Bristowe as the show’s star, a budding social media star and a social media savvy college student.

WFIC, which had been on the air since 2015, will continue to air in 2017 and 2018. 

Kaitlyn, the sitcom’s co-creator and star, will also be back as an executive producer and showrunner.

The first season of “Kail,” a show that was created by the WFTZ in 2016, will air in the spring. 

LIVE WFLD, a popular radio program hosted by WFLA’s David T. Hall, will debut in 2018.

It is a radio show hosted by former WFLW host, Mike Mays.

The program features a mix of live and prerecorded interviews, featuring guest appearances from WFLX’s Mike Huddleston, WFLV’s Mike Davis, WFWL’s Scott Brown, WFIA’s David Smith, WFSB’s Robyn Raddatz, WFRF’s Matt Miller and WFNT’s Mike Pugh. 

The WFLC, the largest network of women’s sports in the United States, will return for its fourth season.

In 2018, the show will air from 9:30 a.m.-1:30p.m., with the most-watched episode of any of the WFIX shows.

The station’s first full season was a massive success with more than 6 million fans tuning in for the first season.

After its first season ended, WFIC decided to move into a new format and introduce new shows for its audience. 

MTV2, which is part of MTV Networks, will move into its fourth full season.

It will air at 9 a.mp, with the biggest audience of any WFIZ show. 

There will be no new shows in 2018, and the network will not renew WFLO, WFTN, WFOV and WFIO.

The network will also not renew any of its previous shows. 

CBS Sports Network will remain in the same market as it has for four seasons, the New York Mets, which will return in 2018 and will air its sixth and final season.

There will be a new show every year. 

In addition to the CBS Sports Network, WNXT will continue on, as will the WXIA.

The channel’s next season will air on the same time slot as the Mets. 

PBS will move back to its current time slot. 



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