What you need to know about the recent spate of fatal police shootings

In late June, two officers in a police training class at the Winnipeg Police Service were shot dead by a man they were trying to arrest.

The officers were on a routine patrol in a neighbourhood on Winnipeg’s west side, when they were confronted by a person they believed to be armed.

They were responding to a call from someone who said a man had broken into their home.

The man was shot, and police have said the shooting was justified.

The two officers were identified as Sgt. Paul Despres and Const.

John-Michael Smith.

Despres was a 24-year veteran of the force, and Smith was a 21-year former officer.

In a statement, the Winnipeg police department said the officer involved in the shooting is currently recovering in hospital.

Police have said they believe the man who was shot is a “domestic threat” and that he was not involved in any criminal activity.

The shooting prompted widespread outrage in the city and across Canada.

It prompted the mayor of Winnipeg to demand that the Winnipeg Public Library stop selling books on police officers, and sparked a debate about the nature of police officers’ work.

The debate has raged on for more than a month, and it will likely drag on for years as a public debate over policing and the use of force takes root in Canada.

What you need: How to spot police-involved deaths (from the Globe and Mail):   In early June, the Globe published an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two Winnipeg officers, Const.

Paul despres and Sergeant John-Marie Smith.

The story revealed that Despres, who was assigned to the Winnipeg force at the time of the shootings, was one of two officers who responded to the call of a man who had broken in the home of two women.

Smith was one other officer responding to the scene.

The investigation found that Smith was fired by Winnipeg police in December 2017, following a review into allegations that he made racist and sexist remarks.

Smith’s firing followed allegations of sexual harassment and assault by another officer in the force.

In July, Smith and Despres were both found guilty of misconduct by a disciplinary panel of the Winnipeg Force Commission.

The panel found that the allegations against Smith were “without merit,” and found that his conduct was “not inconsistent with the principles of good police conduct.”

Smith has appealed the decision, and a new trial has been set for August 2020.

Meanwhile, Despres is still recovering in the hospital, and his widow, Lisa, is seeking $100,000 from the Winnipeg public library, which stopped selling his books on Friday.

Why the debate is happening: On the heels of the recent fatal shooting of two police officers in Winnipeg, the Canadian Press has reported that the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the country’s largest police union, has urged police officers across the country to wear body cameras, citing the need for public confidence.

The union has said that the officers who were killed should be charged in the deaths.

According to the union, police officers who are shot and killed by civilians are rarely charged, despite the fact that police officers are trained to do so.

Why body cameras are needed: Body cameras are essential to the use-of-force process, said Jennifer Koehler, a policy analyst with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, because they can provide officers with footage of their interactions with the public, which can help them assess what went wrong and what the best way to respond is.

“It’s a public trust issue, and you want officers to have confidence that their actions are being recorded,” she said.

How to watch police-related videos online: In the past year, there have been dozens of police shootings in Canada, according to the CBC News database, and several have resulted in deaths.

The latest shooting was that of Const.

David Richey in Calgary, Alberta, on June 13.

Richeys father, Brian Richex, told the CBC that he heard his son, who had been shot in the back, fall and then hit his head on the pavement.

The coroner said Richees death was a homicide, but Richeies family said his death was ruled a suicide.

Richeys mother, Sandra, has said she believes her son’s death was caused by a drug overdose.

Other recent incidents: A video of a police officer shooting a man in Montreal in April has sparked debate about whether police officers should wear body-worn cameras.

The video shows the officer firing several shots at the man, who then falls to the ground.

Police said they responded to a report of a person breaking into a house in the area.

The officer has not been charged in connection with the shooting.

A Canadian police officer was killed in a shooting in the Halifax suburb of Newmarket last month.

Another police officer died in a shootout with a suspect in Toronto on June 14.


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