Powerball broadcast on BBC One and BBC Sport app – BBC Sport live – 8:30pm Monday night

Powerball is back, with all the usual suspects taking part in the big jackpot.

BBC Sport presenter Mark Ogden is set to reveal who will win the big draw.

And he’ll have some more action from the Premier League, as well.

He’ll also have plenty to talk about with the Champions League group stages, plus the FA Cup final and more.

Here are the Powerball winners for Monday night’s drawing.

The prize:The £1.2bn jackpot for the 2018-19 season is £1,260,819.

If you’re a Powerball winner, you can still win up to £2.2m in the prize.

But, if you’re not, you’ll be disqualified from winning.

A total of £2,600,000 of prizes will be awarded in the drawing, with £1m worth of prizes awarded each week.

The winner will be announced on Thursday, September 12.

Powerball 2018 draw: The Premier League winnersThe 2018-2019 season is about to kick off, and the Premier league’s top teams are all battling it out for a share of the big prize.

Here’s the full line-up:Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Manchester City, Manchester United, Stoke City, Southampton, Swansea City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion and Liverpool will all have their sights set on the big bucks, and are likely to compete in the Premier leaver’s cup.

Manchester City is hoping to win a trophy in the Champions league as well, while Everton, who have been playing very well this season, are the favourite to win it all.

But it is Manchester United that could make history when they take on the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton in the next round.

The Red Devils will be aiming for a place in the group stages as well as the final, and will be looking to get the two best records in the competition to make the top four.

If they win both the league and the cup, they will also be guaranteed their place in Europe’s elite competition.

The Premier League will be holding the big event for the first time, with the top two teams advancing to the next stage of the competition.

The draw will take place on Thursday 9 September at 7:00pm BST, with a live broadcast from London’s Wembley Stadium.

The winner will also take home a trip to London for the final of the Europa League. 

If you’re looking for a bit of history and trivia, here are some of the Premier Leaver’s Cup winners from the previous year:Chelsea (2nd)Arsenal (3rd)Everton (4th)Chelsea (5th)Everard (6th)Swansea (7th)Liverpool (8th)Manchester City (9th)Man Utd (10th)Stoke City (11th)City (12th)West Bromwich (13th)Southampton (14th)Tottenham Hotspur (15th)Arsenal, Everton and Manchester United are the big winners of the Power Ball draw.

Here are some more Powerball facts: The £3,000,000 prize for the Premier Premier League is the first prize of the draw, with Manchester United the biggest loser, as it is losing £300,000. 

£3,600 on top of the prize is the biggest prize, with Chelsea winning the jackpot of £1million. 

Powerball has been held every season since it first started in 1993.

It is still the most popular prize in Europe, with some £15bn won from its draw last season.


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