Why is the Seahawks calling it quits on ‘Thats A Wonderful Life’

The NFL Network and NBC are ending the syndication of “Thats a Wonderful Life” for a limited time after the show garnered negative reviews.

The show was recently renewed for a fifth season.

The network announced on Tuesday that it was ending its partnership with the show.

“The ratings of the show on NBC have been disappointing, and the network has decided to end its partnership in this highly popular series,” NBC Sports senior vice president of programming and production Kevin Burke wrote in a statement.

“Our commitment to ‘Thas A Wonderful’ is a long-standing tradition and it is disappointing to see the show fall victim to its low ratings and lack of popularity.

We hope to return to ‘The Voice,’ which airs at the same time and on the same day.”

The show is a sitcom that follows the lives of a group of misfits in Los Angeles.

The series has been praised for its quirky, funny, and poignant tone.

The first season was watched by more than 17 million viewers and earned four Emmys, including best comedy series and best sitcom.

NBC and NBCUniversal said in a joint statement that they are “shocked and saddened” by the decision.

“Thas a Wonderful” is available on streaming and on-demand.

“Its been a privilege to work with NBC on this series and the ratings of its first season are disappointing,” Burke wrote.

“We are grateful to NBC for their long and loyal partnership with us, and hope to continue to support the show for many years to come.”

The network said it will launch a special dedicated to the series and will also stream a live stream of the season five premiere episode.

The new season of “The Voice” premieres on Thursday, March 20 at 9 p.m. ET.


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