Trump Says ‘You Don’t Have To Vote’ For His Campaign Endorsement, Says ‘If You Don’t Vote’ You Don’T Have To Voting

President Donald Trump told the Associated Press on Wednesday that “you don’t have to vote” for his endorsement of a running mate.

In a statement, the president said, “If I were a billionaire, I would probably have endorsed somebody that I thought would have a better chance of winning the nomination.”

He added, “I would have been happy to have somebody who would have had the same chance as I had of winning.”

The president also said that the two candidates that have been endorsed by him so far are both “failing miserably.”

“I have no idea if they’re going to win the nomination, but if you don’t vote, if you’re not voting, then I don’t think you can have a vote.

You don’t get to decide who’s going to be the nominee,” he said.

“If you don’ t vote, then you don”t have a voice.

“The AP reporter that interviewed the president earlier Wednesday said that Trump told him that “if you don”t vote, you”re not a part of the process, and that he could “tell you are a loser.

“Trump has said that he does not believe that a vote should be a part or part of a political process.

Trump said in an interview last week that he was not voting in this election and that his supporters “are going to do everything they can to make sure they get to vote.”

In that interview, he also said, if he had to vote, he would vote for his “best friend,” Mike Pence.

Pence, who is running against Sen. Mike Lee in the 2018 Republican primary, was not invited to Trump”s announcement ceremony for the vice president, which took place Tuesday evening in New York City.

He told reporters at the event that he would not attend the event because of a scheduling conflict.

Trump also told reporters on Wednesday night that he plans to have a press conference on Thursday morning, with Pence not present.

Pence will not be in the room with the president, but the president”s running mate will be, according to a White House pool report.


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