The 49ers are getting the football show, according to a new book

New York magazine writer Paul Tait and author Michael D’Antonio are launching a new sports book that chronicles the journey of the 49ers football team through the years.

They say they’ve interviewed former players, scouts and even former coaches and have written up stories from players like Jim Harbaugh, Bruce Smith, Michael Strahan, John Lynch, and others.

The book, titled A Year in the Life of the San Francisco 49ers, is scheduled to be released by Simon & Schuster in October.

The 49er team has won four Super Bowls, two NFC Championship Games and three NFC Championship Series championships.

The first book, released in 2011, was a hit with fans, with sales of the first four books all topping 200,000 copies.

The new book is set to be even more of a hit, with more than 100,000 books sold.

The cover of A Year In the Life Of The 49ER’s debut, which was released in July.

(Courtesy of the author/publisher) “A year of football has been a defining experience for every player, every coach, every fan, every person who has followed the team,” Tait said in a statement.

“There’s no way we could have prepared for this moment, but we were blessed to be in a position to share the stories of these players and their families, the friendships they formed and the love that they shared with the community and the people they represented.”

D’ANTONIO, author of the book The Big Easy: The Making of a Franchise, is a longtime football fan who spent his childhood on the San Jose Sharks, playing for the San Diego Surfers and the Seattle Supers.

He’s worked as a journalist for several years, including as a reporter at The Oregonian and a national sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

He co-wrote the 2014 documentary The Best Football Player in the World.

D’ONIO said he wanted to write a book about the 49er franchise, and the fact that the book was written in the wake of the team’s run to the Super Bowl was an “unprecedented thing.”

The 49s are the only NFL team to have won five Super Bowl championships and are the reigning champions of the NFC West.

The NFL and NFLPA reached an agreement in 2014 to expand the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement to include an exemption from the salary cap, which would help the 49s.

Dampier is an NFLPA-member, and D’onio, a former member of the NFLPA, also has an endorsement deal with a 49ers-branded shoe company.

He also is the author of The NFL’s Greatest Players: The Complete List.


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