How to be a true sportsman in India

The National Sports Federation (NSF) is set to unveil its next step in strengthening the sport of tennis in the country by introducing a new tournament that will include all three grand slam tournaments that have taken place since the country became independent in 1991. 

The move comes amid concerns that the lack of a women’s tennis tournament in the region could lead to a decline in female participation in the game. 

NSF president and former India captain Deepak Kumar, who has been working on the development of a new women’s tour in India, said that the initiative will provide a boost to women tennis players who are still struggling to get regular matches in the ATP and WTA. 

“Women’s tennis has suffered a lot of damage in the last few years. 

There are many women who are struggling for a spot in the world tennis circuit,” Kumar told The Times of India.

“In the first phase, the first tournament in 2019, we have been trying to get a female tour in 2019 and now it is happening,” he added. 

Kumar’s comments come as the Tennis Association of India (TAI) in its official report to the Government of India has recommended that the tennis federation introduce a Women’s Tennis Association for 2019. 

This initiative, which is part of a bigger plan to ensure equal representation in all sports, will be introduced to the Indian Tennis Federation’s (ITF) Board of Directors on August 25. 

Tennis Association of Asia-Pacific (TAAP) chairperson Dr Sanjay Manuwala said that a lot has been done for the development and enhancement of women’s sport in the past three decades. 

In 2015, he said that India was the only country in the subcontinent where there was no women’s league in any sports, and it has now achieved equal participation in tennis and athletics, including the Women’s World Cup. 

He also said that there was a need for an expanded women’s tournament in India as the sport had not reached the level of its counterparts in Europe and North America. 

It is the first time that India has set up a women tournament and it is the only time where the top four players in the men’s singles and doubles events will compete for the title of Grand Slam Champion. 

However, the Indian women are not yet on track to achieve parity in women’s cricket. 

According to an ESPN report, India’s women’s team is ranked number six in the World Cricket League, with five players making it to the top 100 list, a drop of two spots from last year. 

With this new tournament, the sport is set for a significant boost. 

Despite India’s strong cricket, it is still one of the few countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) where women do not play any cricket at all. 

At the end of the day, the tennis star who has represented India in the sport for the past 14 years said that she has no doubts that the country will achieve parity with other nations. 

But, she said, there are still many issues to overcome in terms of development. 

 “The problem of tennis is that the Indian players are not good enough.

In the current state of the sport, there is no female captain in the Indian team. 

For the sake of women, I am not saying that they will get the same playing opportunities that they have now,” she said. 

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India has a population of just under 2.6 billion people.


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