BSO Live: Sen. Warren backs Biden’s nomination

BOSTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday said the vice president has been the most qualified person to be president.

Warren made the comment during a press conference with her husband, Joe Biden, after Biden announced that he will run for the White House.

The Democratic senator, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, said Biden’s experience is what she thinks a commander-in-chief needs.

Warren said Biden has been very thoughtful, caring, compassionate and focused.

She said she believes the vice President is the best candidate for the job.

“The reason he’s running is because he believes he is the right person to lead the country and make the decisions we need to make to keep America safe,” Warren said.

“That’s what he’s been saying for a long time.”

Biden, a Democrat, has been a supporter of Warren’s political aspirations and has endorsed her in her 2020 bid.

Biden, who is a former governor of Maryland, has not endorsed Warren but is a member.

The vice president and his wife, Jill Biden, attended a White House event Tuesday.

Biden is scheduled to appear before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday to brief members on his confirmation.

The Senate Banking and Housing Committee is scheduled on Friday to consider Biden’s confirmation.

Bosworth, a Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania, said on Saturday that Biden has the “long and deep bench” of potential nominees in his corner.

Brazile, who served as Trump’s secretary of state, said in an interview that she believes Biden would be the best choice.

She also said the Biden administration would have the most experience in the country.

“He has been through the trenches, he has been in the Senate, he’s had experience in all of these important roles,” Brazile said.

Brigitte Bardot, the first woman to serve as president of France, said she is confident Biden would make a good president.

Bardot, who was the first female president of the European Union, said the Senate would not be able to confirm Biden without some kind of female nominees, a point she reiterated during a Sunday interview with ABC News.

“I think we’ll have a woman,” Bardot said.


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