Why the NBA is trying to make a splash in a new TV market: “It’s not a good place to be a woman”

The NBA is pushing the boundaries of its brand through the new digital platforms that will play a significant role in its future success.

In an attempt to capture a wider audience in an increasingly crowded space, the league is developing a new platform that will allow it to reach a wider cross section of consumers, with an eye toward reaching new audiences.

The league announced Thursday that it had signed a multiyear deal with Univision, a major Spanish-language network owned by the Univision family of companies, for the digital streaming service that will launch in the fall.

It also has a partnership with Fox Sports, the NFL’s NFL Network and Univision Deportes, a Spanish-based television station that is owned by Univision.

The league’s digital platform will be available for free on the NBA.com website.

The agreement with Univison comes as the league looks to expand its reach outside of its traditional markets and into a new segment of the U.S. population: women.

While the NBA’s television audience skews male, women make up a larger percentage of the viewership than men.

And while women are more likely to be living in the urban areas of the country than the more rural parts of the nation, their numbers are shrinking.

In 2017, the NBA averaged more than 7.3 million viewers per game, according to Nielsen data.

This year, the average NBA game will have an audience of 4.3.

The NBA has not released viewership figures for this year, but the league’s Twitter feed says that the average viewership in this season’s NBA Finals is 5.5 million.

In its press release, the association said that the partnership with Univío es una de las más peligrosas is an example of the league and Univíon s efforts to help create a new audience.

The NBA is working to ensure the growth of its digital platform, which will be used to engage with the millions of women who watch the NBA on television.

The new platform, called NBASports.com, will allow fans to explore the NBA with a unique interactive platform that is similar to ESPN.

The NBASport.com app will include live and archived game videos, stats, player bios, news, analysis and more.

“We are excited to join the world’s most recognized sports organization in the race to be the digital TV platform for women,” said Jennifer Smith, vice president and general manager of NBASporting.com.

“We believe that our women’s-centric approach will help us expand the reach of the NBAS, as well as our partners, brands and audiences in the coming years.”

The league’s move to partner with Univizion was a key move in the effort to reach new audiences, said NBA vice president of global television and content.

The partnership with the Univizione family is part of the NBA s broader strategy to build a new, inclusive, digital platform that reflects the diversity of its audience, Smith said.

“Our partnership with ESPN is a great example of how our digital platform is enabling us to engage a wider segment of our fan base, and we are very pleased that Univision has chosen to take advantage of this opportunity,” Smith said in a statement.

“Our commitment to diversity is a cornerstone of our brand and of our business and our brand leadership, and it is a testament to how important that is for us to continue to build our brand.”ESPN is owned and operated by Time Warner, which also owns the ESPN channel and the ESPN app.


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