When the weather is nice, you can drink beer in the rain

When it rains and it’s hot, you don’t need a glass of beer to enjoy a cold beer.

So how do you get a glass when the temperature is dropping?

You can brew it yourself, thanks to a new technology that uses carbon dioxide gas to make a brew.

The company that developed this new brew-making technique is called Cassini Live, and it is a part of a larger beer technology company called NHiec, which is part of the global brewing giant AB InBev.

NHiegve, which calls itself the world’s largest beer company, says it has a growing customer base of around 2 billion people around the world.NHiec’s technology is the culmination of years of research and development.

It takes a mixture of liquid CO2, air and water and heats the mixture to the temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius.

The CO2 in the liquid is then vaporised and heated up.

The resulting brew is then cooled to about 10 degrees Celsius and stored.

“The technology is scalable,” NHieC chief technology officer Vicky O’Connor told The Hindu.

“It can be used for a wide range of purposes, including brewing beer, brewing wine, brewing spirits and brewing food.”

The new technology works with existing brewing equipment to make beer.

Cassini uses the existing equipment to brew beer and also brew wine and spirits.NHIEc says it is the first company to use this technology to make beers in the Himalayas, a region that is home to some of the world´s tallest mountains.

It says the technology is also being used in some countries such as Nepal.

“We are hoping to make it widely available to people in the region, including those with special needs,” O’ Connor said.

Cassini’s technology works by mixing CO2 with a solution of water, and heating the water to about 20 degrees Celsius, so that the solution boils off to the point that CO2 is no longer dissolved in the water.

The result is a liquid with a low concentration of dissolved oxygen.

The water and CO2 then react to form a high concentration of water and oxygen.

When the water and the solution is heated to this temperature, the CO2 evaporates, forming CO2-H2O.

The remaining oxygen in the solution forms CO2.

The liquid that makes up the brew is kept in the bottle for several hours, and then the temperature drops to about 5 degrees Celsius to allow the CO 2 to evaporate.

The beer is then stored in a cool, dark place, where it can cool to the desired temperature.

The process is efficient and safe.

It is not carbon dioxide that makes beer taste bad, NHiecs O’Connors said.

The solution can be carbonated at up to 150 per cent efficiency.


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