Powerball lottery winners live stream: The Winners, the Scavengers and the Scammers

The winners of the Powerball jackpot have been revealed, and the scammers who were caught are among the winners of their own Powerball game.

On Thursday, the winners will be announced.

The Powerball is the largest drawing prize in the U.S. lottery system, drawing $1.4 billion for the winner.

This is the second year in a row the jackpot has been bigger than expected, but this year’s winners will not have to compete for the jackpots prize of $2.1 billion.

The scammers are now eligible to claim the prize as well.

The first Powerball winner, who is named in the online contest as “J.M. Piazza,” has been awarded $1,000,000.

J.M., who is a lawyer by trade, was among the first people to claim his $1 million.

“I thought it was just going to be me, but it wasn’t,” J.P. said.

“They said, ‘We’re going to give you a prize, and we’ll split the jack,’ and I was like, ‘Whoa, I don’t know how to do this.’

So I told them, ‘I’ll just write them a check for a million dollars.'”

The jackpot is split equally among the five winning players.

One winner will get $1 and one will get a $500,000 jackpot.

A new record $5.2 billion jackpot will be awarded to the first three winners.

That means that only the first $2 billion in the jackpotted prize will go to the winners, with the remaining $1 billion going to the three winners who are in the same situation as J.J. PIAZZA.

JAMES MARTIN, a partner at Washington law firm Morgan Lewis, told ABC News that the new record jackpot was a sign that the jackball is going to go on as long as people play it.

“People play it in an opportunistic way, and this is the way it is going,” Martin said.

He added that the winners are a “small group of people that are just going for it,” so they “don’t care if it’s big or small.”

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, Jan. 15, the Powerballs jackpot began rolling, and there were more than 10 million people who had claimed their prize.

According to the lottery’s website, the winning numbers will be randomly drawn at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jan 12.

The winners will receive $1 each, and they will have two weeks to spend the $5 million they have won.

The winner must then spend the remaining money to purchase a ticket to a Powerball simulcast in their chosen location.

“If they choose not to spend their jackpot, they are not going to win a ticket,” Martin told ABCNews.com.

“The jackpot itself is still in play, so if people don’t buy tickets, it’s still there for the taking.”

Powerball players are required to declare their winnings, but not to disclose that they are the winners.

The jackpots winners must submit a list of their names, addresses and social security numbers to the Federal Election Commission.

If the jackstraw is picked, the winner will be required to report his or her winnings to the government within 10 days.

If not, the jacklot winner must immediately report his winnings.

In order to claim their prize, winners must also provide their Social Security number and any other identifying information that may be required.

In a statement to ABC News, the Federal Trade Commission said, “You may not disclose that you are the winner of a Powerballs lottery jackpot to a third party unless you provide the government with the required information.”


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