How to Get Rid of the New York Times Twitter Bots

Twitter’s bot problems have made headlines around the world.

But for many, the problems aren’t limited to the US.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of them.


Delete the bots on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many ways to delete the Twitter bots on your social network, including Facebook and Twitter.


Use a bot extension.

Some people use extensions to help remove Twitter bots.

Others like a third-party plugin that lets you filter and sort tweets.


Use an extension that allows you to block bots.

The most popular bot blocking extensions are Twitter and Google Chrome.


Create a new bot account.

Use the Google Chrome extension for Twitter or Google Chrome extensions to get started.


Change the user ID to an alias.

You can change your Twitter or Facebook user name, and Twitter and Facebook accounts can be easily configured to block other people from viewing your posts or posts from a certain account.

For example, if you are using a Gmail account and you want to block someone else from viewing a specific post, you can configure it to block the person using your alias instead.


Delete your posts.

Twitter lets you remove posts from your feed that aren’t visible to other users, and some people even use an extension to automatically delete posts from their feeds.


Use another browser.

Google Chrome and Twitter allow you to remove content from all browsers.

You can also remove the content from other sites.


Change your passwords.

Change your password on all your accounts, including Twitter and Twitter accounts.


Change user info.

Many people report that they no longer see the tweets they post to their Twitter account.

You may want to change the user information for your Twitter account and add new information.


Change settings.

For some people, it is easier to just go to your Twitter settings and click on the check box next to your account name and the Twitter handle, instead of having to go to each account individually and select the checkbox for each.


Delete all the bots.


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