Why did the NHL give the Emmy Awards to the Washington Capitals?

Posted November 02, 2018 09:32:13We’ve all been there, or have been on the receiving end of a similar kind of media criticism.

We’ve all felt as if we had the wrong kind of award, or a perceived slighted by the industry.

That’s why we feel we have a responsibility to take a stand, not only in the award itself, but in the broader conversation surrounding it.

We have to be aware of what we do, how we treat our audience and our audience members, and the way we approach the awards.

We’ve seen plenty of people go from champion to champion over the years, but what we’re seeing this year is a team of people with an eye to the future, and a vision for the future.

I’ve been on both sides of that, and I have to say, that’s a pretty remarkable group.

We’re seeing some of the brightest stars of the business, and in this case, we’re getting to see the faces of the players.

I think we’re going to see some incredible talent in the coming years.

And I can tell you this: I think that we’re all going to have to get better, to do better.

And now, as I write this, I’ve seen some of those stars make history in their own right.

And that’s exactly what I want to be doing: taking the next steps in our journey as a league and as a sports organization.

We’re going from champion, to champion, and beyond.

We need to do more, to grow our fan base and our fan support, and make sure we’re on the forefront of innovation.

We want to grow.

We just want to keep pushing the envelope.

We’ll never stop pushing.

I want you to know that this is a big challenge for me, as a head coach, as an executive and as an owner.

This is a long-term endeavor.

It’s a big goal.

We don’t want to sit back and say, we don’t have the right people in place, and that’s the end result.

We can’t afford to be complacent.

We know that’s not the way it should work.

And so, as the next few weeks go by, we have to make sure that we have the people in our organization, and we have people who are willing to do that, that we keep innovating.

I can’t sit back in the moment and say that, because I know that that’s what we’ll find out, and what we need to figure out how to do to get to where we want to go.


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