Trump’s new TV ads are worse than the Iraq war: The Washington Post

Trump’s campaign for president has turned into an elaborate, multi-media effort to portray his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, as weak on crime, corrupt, and corrupting America.

The campaign has hired more than 100 paid staffers and hired more lobbyists and PR firms than it has employed during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The ads are aimed at a broader audience than the one Trump has cultivated with his previous attacks on Clinton.

And Trump has found a way to exploit the fact that Clinton has struggled to raise money since she was defeated in the November 8 election.

This week, Trump used his speech at a campaign rally in Iowa to attack Clinton, a former secretary of state and first lady, on her history as a New York City senator.

“She voted for war in Iraq.

She voted for the invasion of Afghanistan,” Trump said.

“And she’s got the worst job approval ratings of any major politician in history.

I mean, the worst.”

Trump’s ad is not the first time he has attempted to cast Clinton as weak.

The Trump campaign has run an ad that is about Clinton’s time as a senator, as well as an ad in which a man claims that she “sold us out to the Russians.”

Trump, however, has not been able to match Clinton’s level of attacks on her, or to capture the sense of disunity that is so palpable in the Trump campaign.

This campaign, like Trump’s first one, has been built on a series of attacks and counterattacks, including accusations that Clinton had ties to Russia, that she had mishandled classified information, and that she was unqualified to serve as president.

Trump’s attacks on the Clinton campaign have been the biggest and most damaging to her, according to an analysis of spending by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Trump has spent about $6.2 million on his attack ads so far, compared with about $5 million for Clinton.

Trump, who is spending $8.5 million on television ads and radio ads, has run about 20 negative ads in each of the past four weeks.

The vast majority of those ads have attacked Clinton, while a few have been more subtle.

The most damaging attack ad was released on Friday, in which the campaign attacked her over her decision to authorize the use of torture.

The ad, produced by the conservative nonprofit American Principles Project, accuses Clinton of having “betrayed her trust” by authorizing the use and expansion of the interrogation program after the 9/11 attacks.

Trump accused Clinton of failing to have “an ethical standard that is more rigorous” in her handling of classified information and of having an “outrageous” disregard for her own judgment.

The video includes clips of Clinton making her statement about her role in the use torture and then referring to the use as “enhanced interrogation.”

In one clip, Clinton said, “I think we need to have an interrogation program, and we’re going to do it in a way that will make it so that it is humane.”

Trump had been running ads about the issue on his own before the campaign’s last ad, but his campaign has been particularly aggressive in its attacks on Hillary Clinton.

This latest effort, which has taken a more targeted approach than any of the other Trump attacks, is designed to try to build on that success.

Trump said in an interview that he wanted to try something new.

“I was going to run an advertisement about her being a little bit too cozy with Wall Street and she’s doing too much for her friends,” Trump told The Associated Press.

“We’ve been trying to go after that for a long time.

And I thought, maybe we can do something that’s more substantive.”

The Trump ad comes after the campaign released a new ad attacking Clinton’s support for the Keystone XL pipeline.

The company’s CEO, Russ Girling, told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that he was “very disappointed” in Clinton for voting against the pipeline in a November 2015 vote.

“The fact is that she’s a big pipeline supporter,” Girling said.

The Republican nominee said in the ad that he supports the Keystone pipeline because it’s a “pro-growth project.”

Clinton has previously criticized Girling’s statements and has criticized the president for taking an anti-pipeline position.

Clinton’s campaign has responded with a series a pro-pumping ad that attacks Girling and his company for supporting a pipeline that could cause more greenhouse gas emissions than Keystone.

The group, called Keep Keystone Working, also says that Clinton is part of the “billionaire class” that supports the pipeline.

Trump was critical of Girling in the latest ad, accusing him of “betting his own future on Wall Street.”

The ad concludes with a quote from Trump: “What I said about him in that ad was, ‘You know, if I could win this race, he’d be out of the race by now.’


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