How to avoid a potential heart attack at the office with this easy video

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing the folks behind the popular podcast Marlins Live, where they talk about how to avoid heart attacks at the workplace.

The podcast has been featured on The Daily Show, Comedy Central, The Colbert Report, and The Huffington Post.

They’ve been working to create a more personal version of the podcast for years, and have created a new way to hear it.

The Marlins team was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about the podcast, and the process they went through to create the best podcast experience.

The questions that we asked are pretty basic, but there are also some pretty deep ones about why it works, how they set up the podcasting experience, and how they’re working to make the podcast more accessible to a wider audience.

Marlins is hosted by comedian and writer Kevin Rose.

In this video, Kevin interviews Marlins’ Executive Producer Jason Hinkle about the process of creating Marlins.

Kevin Rose has been the producer of Marlins since it debuted in 2013, and he’s currently working on an update to the podcast.

You can check out some of the highlights of the interview below.

When Kevin first started working on Marlins, he had a vision for it to be more personal and honest.

He had a bunch of people who had been working in the entertainment industry tell him that they had heart attacks and their friends told them about them.

They said, “You know, I know what it’s like to get that message from your boss, but how do I know if it’s true?”

Kevin knew that there were lots of people with heart attacks, so he wanted to create something that was more personal to them and their families.

He wanted the listeners to be able to feel comfortable in that space and he wanted it to feel like it was the place for people to go if they needed to talk about something personal or about a situation they were dealing with.

And so, he created the podcast Marbles, which was basically the first Marlins in the podcast world.

He started off with a list of topics that would be covered, and then he worked with a couple of people to pick and choose what would be discussed.

He then went through all the content, and they’d go through the process to create content based on what he thought were the best topics.

He thought, “Hey, if I can do this, what can I do next?”

And the first episode was really about heart attacks.

Kevin’s passion for Marlins has always been heart health and it’s one of the reasons that he created Marbles.

He’s a big fan of heart health, and Marlins also has a lot of health-related content that focuses on that.

So he wanted the podcast to have a little bit of heart and wellness, so the episodes were about that, and also a little piece of comedy that focuses a little on that topic.

Kevin also wanted to give the listeners a place where they could go to share their thoughts and experiences.

So for Marbles first episode, he did a very personal and personal video.

He went to a doctor who has been doing research on heart attacks for years and talked about how the best thing to do when you’re going through something like this is to listen to people who have gone through the same thing and really understand what you’re experiencing.

He also gave us a chance to see what people who’ve had heart attack symptoms say about how they’ve been treated and how heart attacks are treated.

So Kevin wanted to do a video about heart disease that would make people feel better, and it was about that topic and the different things that are being talked about about.

Kevin had to put a lot more work into that video than he had on the first episodes of Marbles because he was really focused on the heart attacks topic.

And we all know that the first few episodes were very personal.

It was really very personal to him.

He wasn’t interested in getting a lot, or having a lot going on, because he wanted people to hear from people who were going through heart attack.

But when the first couple episodes came out, he wanted a little more humor in there.

So we took a look at the first five episodes, and we found a couple more jokes that we felt were good.

We’re not really happy with all of them, but we didn’t want to go into detail.

But we liked the ones where Kevin went over some of his personal experience, where he talked about the things he’d been through and he talked to people.

He talked about what it was like to have an event like this, how he got there, how his family felt.

He spoke about his own family’s experience and how it affected him and how he handled it.

Then we also found a few bits where Kevin actually talked about some of those heart attack related subjects.

So when we found some jokes that were funny, we were happy to include them in the show. The other


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